The Money Into Light Manifesto

The source of our website name is John Boorman's diary of the filming of The Emerald Forrest (1985). Boorman was referring to the simple idea that via the money given by investors, filmmakers can turn their dreams and visions into 'light', ie. film.

We aim to celebrate films that could be described as extraordinary, and simply need to be viewed in order to enjoy or to have any understanding of cinema. These films could also be described perhaps as brilliant, underrated, lost, rare, forgotten, misunderstood...but mostly essential. We will also focus on the filmmakers we believe to be important and worthy of reappraisal. We hope our articles and reviews will encourage healthy debate, reassessment and most of all, readers to check out the films and filmmakers we cover for themselves.

We aim NOT to be academic, stuffy, snobby, pretentious or tedious. On the other hand, we also aim NOT to be dumbed-down or self-consciously hip. We want to be accessible to both those who have already seen a lot of great films and those who have a casual interest in cinema outside the current popular culture. We finally aim to always be honest about our opinions, no matter how controversial the material may be.

Paul Rowlands
Rob Nishimura

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